nutrient dense grass

Yes, for as little as $9.99/acre per year
we believe that your soil can become far better
than you ever dreamed possible.



1. SEA MINERALS possess the wonderful ability to help restore health and wholeness


Better plant health
In his research, Dr. Maynard Murray demonstrated the wonderful impact of sea minerals on plant and animal health.

Quickly restore lost trace minerals
These beneficial trace minerals have all but vanished from most soils.

We have pages and pages of testimonials from customers who tell how our low sodium, concentrated sea minerals have:

  • Improved yields

  • Improved nutrient density and flavor

  • Drastically decreased insect pressure

2. CARBON SEQUESTRATION is the most important key for building healthy soil

Better soil, more grass
Dr. Christine Jones has done extensive research that demonstrates that carbon sequestration is the best and fastest way to build incredible soil.


Carbon is Organic Matter.  Organic matter is carbon


For many years farmers have sought to build organic matter in their soil. They have used crop residue, green manures, mulching, compost, and humic acids. However, there is something that can build organic matter up to 10 times as fast as any of these methods.

By far the best way to build organic matter

in the soil is Carbon Sequestration

In February, 2015 we had a breakthrough, when we combined the goodness of our sea minerals with Soil Balance, a product we believe to be the best carbon sequestration product on the market. We call this combination GroPal Balance. It costs as little as $9.99 an acre to get this wonderful soil building process started on your land!

Why is GroPal Balance so effective at prompting plants to sequester huge amounts of liquid carbon (sugars) into the soil?

GroPal Balance restores balance to the soil. It is in this atmosphere that soil life thrives. It is in this atmosphere that plants sequester huge amounts of sugar through their roots into the soil.

It may take 4 to 6 months before you can see the wonderful difference that GroPal Balance makes. That is why you will want to get it on as soon as possible. The good news is, year by year soils have continued to improve.

Soil that just keeps getting better

Through our carbon sequestration formula (called Soil Balance), in the last 8 years a farmer in Oregon has watched the organic matter in his soil go from 0.4% to 4.7% (about 0.5% each year). What would that amount of organic matter do for you?

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Healthy, robust livestock, and totally organic!

Weak soils cause problems

  • Weed problems
  • Water runs off instead of soaking in
  • Poor production
  • Poor animal health

Results of properly functioning soil

  • Nutrients become highly available
  • An increase of organic matter
  • Plants become more nutritious
  • Yields increase, supporting more livestock per acre
  • Livestock become healthier, resulting in greater production


Could a single product result in an Amazing Pasture?
(Great for crops, too)

A fertility breakthrough is here!  Controlled studies have shown that Soil Balance, a component of GroPal Balance, has been able to flush salts from the soil. Customer experience indicates increased benefits each year GroPal Balance is applied.


  • Organic matter increased each year the product was used

  • The Cation Exchange increased each year, causing a rich bounty of nutrients to be available to the plant



Most other inputs not needed!

When soil is functioning correctly, it is flocculated. Air flows down into the soil - air that is mostly Nitrogen!  It can take a number of months to get things really rolling in the soil. Till that happens, some crops may need a little nitrogen for good production.


Soil Balance has over 70 species of bacillus bacteria that are recognized as beneficial to plant growth, plus numerous beneficial fungi. These micro-organisms help to remediate toxins and salts. Add to this the results customers using GroPal have experienced, and you have a wonderful product.


To help you to better understand how GroPal Balance works in the soil, try to visualize an aerobic membrane (something like a sack) that keeps expanding, holding in carbon and other nutrients.

Ways to evaluate if GroPal Balance is working for you


Visible results

Fewer weeds

Less problems with water standing in the field

Less compaction or hard pan

A reduction in visible salts


Look for these soil test results

A reduction in nematodes

An increase in organic matter

An increase in Cation Exchange


Look for changes in vegetation

An increase in protein

An increase in production

Look for improvements in livestock

Calves are stronger at birth

Livestock put on weight more quickly

An increase in milk production

Better feed utilization, less grass per pound of beef or milk

Better health resulting in fewer visits by the vet

A lower mortality rate

Improved ability to conceive

Better looking livestock that bring a better price at auction


Good News! We have a product application that fits every budget.

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Final note:

When a soil test tests for available nutrients, it is looking for inorganic minerals such as are found in commercial fertilizers. GroPal Balance works through bacteria where available nutrients are harvested by the plant from dead microorganisms that have digested these nutrients. That is why these nutrients may be very plentiful but will not show up in a soil test. However, a soil test will reveal the increase in organic matter!

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