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Amazing Pasture on a Budget



AG-USA has numerous applications available to help you turn your pasture (or hay) into an Amazing Pasture. Here are some options. Each of these products is highly concentrated.

  • $9.99 an acre*
    A 16 oz./acre application of GroPal Balance A. Do not under-estimate this highly concentrated application for pastures. 

    It contains all that is needed to help increase yields AND nutrient density of pastures that haven't had any chemical applications for at least 2 or 3 years. 

    But more than this, it initiates the process for rapid formation of new topsoil.


  • $14.98 an acre*
    A 24 oz./acre application of GroPal Balance A. This is for transforming pastures where light chemical applications have been made.


  • $20 to $40 an acre*
    A 32 to 64 oz./acre application of GroPal Balance A. A heavier application of GroPal Balance A may give even greater results! On our video page you can hear Mike Cunningham tell how a 14 oz. application resulted in a 35% increase in grass, but that where he put on a 40 oz. application it yielded an amazing 73% increase over the control plots on the immediate left and right of the test plot.

    For growers who either are currently using chemicals or where they are seeking to restore a field where heavy chemical applications have been made, multiple applications of GroPal Balance A may be helpful. Begin with a 20 to 40 oz. application, then come back 3 or 4 weeks later with a second application. A third application may even be helpful. Just wait another 3 or 4 weeks to put it out.

    Want to grow more grass hay? Start with a 20 to 40 oz. application, then apply another 10 to 20 ounces immediately after each cutting.

  • $15.38 to $23.07 an acre foliar applications*
    A two to three quart/acre application of GroPal Balance F. This application is only recommended when you have accomplished all that you can with GroPal Balance A (see above) but still want to do more. Not only can one or more applications of GroPal Balance F increase yields, but it can also help to increase protein, test weights and relative feed value.

    These foliar applications may be chosen by hay farmers who want greater yields without the use of chemical fertilizers, or by those who grow row crops, fruit or vegetables.



*This is the price per acre when purchased by the bucket



Great question.  GroPal Balance helps to restore nutritional balance to the soil.  In many situations it is best not to put out any other fertilizer application.


Why not apply any NPK?

NPK fertilizer is immediately available to the plant through passive uptake - when it is present the plant doesn't need to sequester sugars to obtain it. Therefore, applying NPK slows down the work of GroPal Balance.

97% of minerals present in the soil will not show up on a soil test because they are tied up in the soil and not available to the plant. When the plant is fed passively using inorganic NPK, the mother lode of minerals in the soil will remain tied up, resulting in a deficiency in the plant and unhealthy livestock.

Once GroPal Balance has been activated with at least 1.1" of water, it energizes the plant to sequester huge amounts of liquid carbon through the roots to feed the microbes in the soil. These microbes, in turn, convert tied up nutrients in the soil into available plant food. Within a week, the CEC of these nutrients will shoot sky high! The plant will not lack nutrients, but instead will be nutrient dense.


Why not put out lime?

Soils already contain huge amounts of calcium. However, this calcium is tied up. The bacteria in GroPal Balance make it available to the plant.

Lime isn't needed to balance pH. When GroPal Balance restores balance to the soil, pH balance is restored. When lime is applied, it lowers CEC and slows down the action of GroPal Balance.


The nutrients in GroPal Balance are pre-digested by microbes, which means no energy is required to break them down and make them available to the feed microbes in the soil. The plant then feeds off of the microbes.


Second, the huge array of bacteria in GroPal Balance very quickly colonize the soil, releasing additional nutrients. We just don't need the help of other organic fertilizer applications to feed the plant.


Two possible exceptions

  • For row crop farmers, it may be helpful to put 10 to 20 ounces of GroPal Balance A in the row, on the seed to get things off to a good start.

  • For those who normally put out nitrogen, you may wish to put out either 28% or 32% liquid nitrogen. These two are more compatible with GroPal Balance. Just add GroPal Balance to the tank, add any water, and then add your nitrogen. If you need to put on another type of nitrogen, it is recommended that you follow up that application with 5 to 10 oz. of GPB-A to help restore balance to the soil.

    Once GroPal Balance is fully functional in the soil, no additional nitrogen should be needed or helpful. Want to boost yields? Then foliar feed with GroPal Balance C.


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