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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I use commercial fertilizers along with GroPal Balance?
A: When using GroPal Balance, no other fertilizer should be needed. The only exception is that some crops may benefit from a little nitrogen.
Applying a chemical fertilizer, fungicide, pesticide or herbicide after applying GroPal Balance can be detrimental, as discussed in this article.

Q: Will I get even better results if I apply other organic fertilizers with GroPal Balance?
A: When organic fertilizers like fish and kelp are applied to the soil, they require a certain amount of energy to break them down.

GroPal Balance is high in energy, but this energy is needed to activate the liquid carbon pathway, which is the secret behind our product's ability to transform the soil. The energy required to break down organic fertilizers means less soil transformation. For best results on pasture and hay, don't make any fertilizer applications besides GroPal Balance. You will save money, plus get better results.

Q: Do I need to apply GroPal Balance each year?
A: It is beneficial to put out at least 10 ounces of GroPal Balance A each year to help maintain soil balance.

Q: Do I need to apply GroPal Balance after every cutting of hay?
A: That is up to you.  If you want to really boost yields, an additional 10 ounces of GPB-A may be applied immediately after each cutting. Another option is to wait 7 to 10 days after each cutting and apply a quart of GroPal Balance C foliar.

Q: I have almost no top soil.  Don't I need to put out other fertilizers besides GroPal Balance?
A: Even the poorest soils contain good amounts of calcium, phosphorus and potassium, though they may not be available to the plant. When all top soil is gone, it is best to apply 20 to 40 ounces of GroPal Balance A per acre to help initiate soil building. The bacterial action is what is needed to help make tied up nutrients available to the plant.

Q: I would really feel better about things if I applied at least some NPK or calcium.
A: Doing this will set back the soil building work of GroPal Balance. When chemical fertilizers are applied, the plant abandons secreting sugars into the soil - it doesn't have to. However, the secretion of sugars through the roots is by far the quickest way to build top soil.

Q: I can't afford GroPal Balance.
A: Good news!  We have an application for every budget.

Q: Which microbes does GroPal Balance have?
A: GroPal Balance has a predominance of fungi, including mycorrhizal fungi, more than 70 aerobic bacillus species, plus other biological organisms.

Q: My ground is dry. Can I still apply GroPal Balance?
A: When the ground is dry, it is best to try to apply GroPal Balance just before a rain. Use at least a 20 gal./acre tank mix (more is better) to supply enough water to carry GroPal Balance out of the sun's reach. That way, even if you don't get the expected rain, the microbes in GroPal Balance will not be harmed as you wait for some rain to activate it.

Q: My containers of GroPal Balance seem to be bloating. What should I do?
A: GroPal Balance is alive with beneficial bacteria and fungi. Because of this, and especially in warmer storage conditions, it may be necessary to loosen the lid and allow gas to vent. Failure to do so might result in the pressurization and rupturing of the container.

Q: How quickly will GroPal Balance begin working?
A: GroPal Balance needs two things to activate it. It needs 1.1" or more of moisture in the soil to give the bacteria what they need to proliferate. If you have good soil moisture, it only needs a small amount of rain to wash it down into the soil.
GroPal Balance also needs a soil temperature of 40 to 45 degrees F. Once activated, it goes to work immediately to improve the soil and make nutrients available to the plant, making possible a 30% or more increase in yields the first year. However, because it works by improving the soil, it may be 4 to 6 months before you see these yield increases

Q: When is the best time to apply GroPal Balance?
A: Spring, summer or fall. Get it on as soon as possible so that it can get started in transforming your soil. It may even be applied in the winter, as long as moisture is able to soak into the soil. Our Application Guideline sheet will tell you more.

Q: Once I apply a chemical fertilizer, herbicide, pesticide, fungicide or insecticide, how long should I wait before I can make an application of GroPal Balance?
A: Three days, unless it has rained after the chemical application, in which case wait at least 2 days. However, if you put on a heavy application of NPK or lime, it is best to wait a full two weeks before applying GroPal Balance.

Q: There are rock-like crystals in the bottom of the jug. What should I do?
A: It is not unusual to find crystals in the bottom of the jug. GroPal Balance is a super concentrated liquid, and over time or if it is exposed to cold temperatures, some mineral (mostly magnesium chloride and potassium chloride) will fall out of solution and solidify as crystals.
If this happens, you can usually just dump them right in the spray tank and they will re-dissolve back into solution. Another option is to just throw them out on the field, yard or garden.

Q: What if GroPal Balance doesn't work?
A: If GroPal Balance doesn't seem to work, please use the following to troubleshoot the problem:

·        Did the person assigned to apply/use the product do so? We had one instance of the owner assigning an employee the job of applying our product.  The owner complained our product didn’t work! We found the product still sitting in the storage shed. It had not been applied by the employee.

·        Did they apply the product correctly? If our application guidelines are followed, it all but insures that GroPal Balance will work correctly.

·        Were any other products added after applying ODP? Our instructions say that most all other products should not be added in to the same tank mix with GroPal Balance. They will reduce its effectiveness. If approved products are being mixed into the tank, please be sure to follow the procedure for doing so as outlined in the instructions.

·        Have you given GroPal Balance A adequate time to work? As mentioned above, GroPal Balance works by transforming the soil. This is a work that takes some time before results become evident. The good news is, GPB has the potential to continue improving the soil year by year, so that better and better results are seen. A farmer in Oregon has used Soil Balance for 8 years. His organic matter was at 0.4%, but it has increased by 0.5% each year, so that after 8 years it has reached 4.7%!  Give GPB some time, and you will LOVE the results!

·        Was GroPal Balance properly stored? It should not be stored in the sun or in temperatures above 100 degrees, or in freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures will not hurt our bacteria, but they will cause minerals to fall out of solution.

·        What product(s) have you used for weed and/or insect control previously? We had a grower with so much carry-over from the chemical he used previously that it appeared no GroPal Balance had been applied.  He had to apply extra Soil Balance to overcome the carry-over of chemicals, but after doing so he had an excellent harvest with yield exceeding any previous years.

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